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Java memory mapped document
Java memory mapped document

Java memory mapped document

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In all cases, IA region of a file may be mapped directly into memory; for large files this is often much more May 24, 2013 - In JDK 1.4 an interesting feature of Memory mapped file was added to .. From the JavaDocs: java.nio. Mapped byte buffers are created via the method. This class extends the ByteBuffer class with operations that are specific to memory-mapped A channel for reading, writing, mapping, and manipulating a file. The Java programming language provides classes and methods to access Aug 26, 2013 - I have been testing out several approaches for writing out to files and I thought that the results are interesting enough to share. Thinking in Java 12: The Java I/O System - Memory-mapped files. For small files, memory-mapped files can result in a waste of slack space as . from memorymapped files have same rules as Java memory model, Jan 4, 2012 - Memory Mapped File in Java are special files which allows java program to read and write directly to memory which is extremely fast compare Feb 6, 2013 - Now that the JVM is 64-bit and runs on 64-bit operating systems, memory-mapped files can map tera- or even petabytes of memory into a Nov 17, 2013 - Memory mapped files are special, which allows Java program to access contents directly from memory, this is achieved by mapping whole file Jun 21, 2009 - Wrapping byte[] won't slow things downthere won't be any huge array copies or other little performance evils.
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