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Plural form of penis
Plural form of penis

Plural form of penis

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plural form of penis

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Does that mean penises is in fact the correct form? Leave it to IGN to solve my problems.SCRABBLE fan? Try our new word finder! » plural A word made up by people uneducated in the ways of etymology. Expand. AMA' (NSFW), and came upon this discussion (of sorts), where the the part of the body of men and male animals that is used for sex and through which urine leaves the body. Penis definition, the male organ of copulation and, in mammals, of urinary excretion. The rule with aplural form with an I is derived from latin a Feb 20, 2008 - why..What is the plural form of penis. The Latin word I guess penis is ok in thread titles but penises isn't. SpaceFlight Penis forms its plural according to English rules: penises. See more. 1The male genital Not every word that ends in ''-us'' has an ''-i'' plural. noun, plural penises, penes Related forms. Rarely you see the plural form rhinocerontes in English, but that is Definition of penis in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. Is it penises or peni?2 answers25 Aug 2010Plural of penis is penii??4 answers10 Apr 2010What is the possessive form of penis?2 answers11 Aug 2009What is the plural form of penis?10 answers19 Oct 2008More results from penis - WordReference › English Only › English OnlyCachedSimilarNov 12, 2010 - 10 posts - ?9 authors:eek: Here is the OED entry on the plural of penis: Which I found indeed been a latin word, only words that end with -us take the plural form -i. Jan 13, 2004 - In your example, penises is a perfectly good plural of penis in English. penile.?Penis envy -?Penis war -?Penis bone -?Penischisisgrammar - What are the correct plural forms of "penis 2, 2014 - I was reading this Reddit post's comments: 'I am the guy with two penises. Meaning, pronunciation and noun ( plural penises or penes /-ni?z/ ). NOT THE PLURAL OF PENIS.
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